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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Jimeoin Review

Jimeoin Review

Jimeoin informs us before his routine that the beginning is usually a bit ordinary and indeed ‘ordinary’ can be applied to much of the shows material. Yet it quickly becomes apparent that the balding Irishman with his many faces is anything but.
Yes, we are given ye olde drinking, marriage and death joke routine, but Jimeoin is a cut above the standard comedian. While his observations can be razor sharp, it is in delivery and timing that he excels. The humour is imaginative, and there is a willingness to delve into mundane issues, such as buttons or eye contact. These pedantic interludes furnish his comedy with a childlike charm and oddness which balances some of his crasser material.
With his subtle facial expressions and slightly crazed eyes, Jimeoin also proves to be an excellent visual comedian, often getting the audience going with the slightest facial contortion. For example, we are asked to consider the ‘fine line between cunning and sleazy.’ Jimeoin admits to being a ‘lazy mime’, and frequently uses actions to get jokes across, adding to a lively performance. There is also a brief foray into song at the end, but this was sadly brief.

Clearly an intelligent comedian worth considering, but it is his physical charisma and imagination, rather than his material, which elevate him above most stand-ups.

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