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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Neil Delamere: BookMarks Review

Neil Delamere: BookMarks

Why are the Irish so universally revered throughout the world? Why is it that I can climb to the highest pub in the Alps and find an Irish themed bar sitting next to it? What possible reason do the citizens of Rome or Berlin have for Irish drinking establishments? It’s surely down to more than their uncanny ability at dispersal and drinking.

Delamere highlights some of the reason, and it comes from his mixture of exaggerated stage personality and subtle reinforcing of certain jocular Irish stereotypes. Jokes that would fall flat from another comedian have a charm and humour from Delamere.  

This aside Delamere does not simply rely on the ‘Oi was not a planned child’ while holding a pig under one arm and bottle of whisky in the other routine. The humour is clearly well thought out, with a laugh in every line. His easy manner with the audience also paid dividends – despite what he guessed was a puritanical Presbyterian sitting front row centre.  

Delamere is a solidly funny stand up. And he’s a friendly Irishman, which probably helps.

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