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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Julian Clary: Lord of the Mince Review

Julian Clary: Lord of the Mince

You wouldn’t expect it from a comedian who freely admits to bouts of substance abuse over a career spanning three decades, but for a fifty year old Clary holds up pretty well. Part of this is surely down to the inch of plastered makeup, nevertheless he still presents an energetic, if world weary resilience.

Clary’s ability to stand up and entertain an audience may have suffered, however. Double entendre are sprinkled through out, although compared with the double entendre Valhalla that is ‘I’m sorry I haven’t a clue’ it’s often a bit week. Some aren’t even entendres. For example, ‘More balls please’ could be an entendre; ‘Dogging’ in a car park is not. This strikes of a script thrown together at the last minute. The occasional collapse of a punch line also points to a comedian shuffling off to a comedic abyss.  
It’s a shame really. Clary is a natural performer and is able to be both witty and sleazy. Yet performing in a country perfectly at home with Thai Lady Boys, Clary will have to up his game having lost some of his original novelty.

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