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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Edwyn Collins Review

Edwyn Collins

It’s an inspiration to see Edwyn Collins shuffling on to stage, cane in hand to perform at the Assembly Halls. Four years ago the singer song writer suffered a stroke, which resulted in severe disability. He has clearly maintained much of his musical instincts, however, and gives a strong performance.

Backed by an accomplished acoustic group, Collins is most comfortable when signing. His voice has lost none of its deep timbre, and he makes his way through an uplifting set, including ‘Rip it Up’, ‘Home again and ‘A Girl like You’. The music, he notes, is often a blend of Northern Soul, Punk and Disco.

Collins continues to be a natural musician and winces as one of the guitars falls slightly out of the rhythm. ‘Keep it together lads’ he quips. Despite the late start, this is definitely a show worth losing sleep for. A powerful life affirming performance.

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