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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Pippa Evans – Your Evening’s Entertainment Review

Pippa Evans – Your Evening’s Entertainment

Irony in entertainment can often go badly wrong. This is especially the case if the subject being parodied is itself entertainment. With Pippa Evans we are treated to such a sight, and the fact that she manages to pull it off with confidence and style speaks volumes for her comedic talent.

The evening’s entertainment is a corporate affair, designed to get some money out of the sponsor ‘Norton Meats’ who duly provide their trademark grape juice, with added ham. Julie Mansize, the host, attempts to keep the show going despite her husband’s recent death. This doesn’t stop her singing her favourite duo however! The show must go on. It’s a glittery affair, complete with sticky floors, Barry Manilow, and bad audience banter. Mansize has even splashed out on a Bingo 2000 machine – a fully automated electronic talking Bingo master.

This, combined with the emotionally volatile American singer songwriter, and Mansize’s berated son and daughter, present a brilliantly realised parody of good old fashioned bad British entertainment. A brave idea for a show which requires an acute awareness of comedy to pull off.  

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