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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Danielle Ward Lies Review

Danielle Ward Lies

Coming straight after a middle aged comedian, with some tired stand-up going off like a damp squib, Danielle Ward proved a welcome shot of youthful energy to my frayed comedy veins.

As a female comedian in what tends to a very masculine world of stand-up, it’s also pleasant to hear she’s not going to talk about what she eats or her boyfriends.

Ward drops a lot of cultural references into the show which are often lost on the audience, and certain jokes misfire as a result. Yet Ward has a talent for refusing to let a gag dribble on without gaining some laughter from it. Often this is reminiscent of a younger, better looking female Ricky Gervais.

Ward is an intelligent and imaginative comedian. She also highlights that women can happily get up on stage and talk about decapitations or Talk Sport rather than simply meals, men or menstruation. Sharp and often dark humour for the facebook generation. 

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