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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Rich Hall’s Campfire Stories Review

Rich Hall’s Campfire Stories

Ah the great outdoors. The open plains, the soft lilt of bird song and faint whiff of horse manure carried on a gentle breeze. But what’s this? A rustle of something in the bushes! A cougar? A bear!?

Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle! It’s only Mr Rich Hall, and he’s a trout fishin’. Not just fishin’ for trout though! Oh no, Rich is also fishing for the deeper meanings of life through ‘trout philosophy’. The solitude of the wilderness can certainly bring out strange things in some folks.

Thankfully Mr Hall makes some friends along the way, exchanging tall tales for Bourbon and more tall tales. Mayflies form a central part to most discussions. Told in an accent – which can only be described as that of a gritty Baltimore Dalek with a hangover – Mr Hall clearly revels in word play and the verbal antics. This is thoughtful, carefully worded humour more suited to them European cafes than the great plains.

Yesire. This is life at a slower pace, sitting under a tree with a 12 bore shotgun chewing some corn. Nodding from under a Stetson hat, Hall picks over life’s mysteries like a dead carcass and reveals not only blood and guts comedy, but also some meaty, pungent wit and intelligence. 

Mr Hall’s trip to the country is pure entertainment, and the show crackles like a piece of road kill on an open fire.

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