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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Jennifer Coolidge: Yours For the Night Review

Jennifer Coolidge: Yours For the Night

Getting the hell out of America, Jennifer Coolidge is free, single and available in Room 404 of the Balmoral Hotel. 

Better known as ‘Stifler’s Mom’ from American Pie, Coolidge is the original ‘MILF’ and flaunts the fact to any gawky young men in the audience naive enough to shoot her a glance. She delves into discussing her romantic flings, and flirts around with the unassuming audience, dropping in various anecdotes from L.A.

Unfortunately none of this is very funny, and some of the most amusing bits occur when Coolidge displays that famous American charm of resolutely referring to the capital ‘Edinbro’ and commenting on, without irony, how Europe is, like, totally, nine years behind L.A. (If this is the case can someone please change the direction in which Europe is heading?)

Coolidge rambles on and raises the odd titter, in what is at root a poorly written and badly rehearsed show. It’s the most basic of criticisms about a stand-up and is always unforgivable, Stifler’s Mom or not.

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