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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Martin White Presents…Accordions of the Gods Review

Martin White Presents…Accordions of the Gods

As a recent book by Geraint Anderson highlighted, working in the City can be a stress filled ego trip of greed, booze and self loathing. It’s the sort of place where people can be chewed up in the rat race and spat out in a haze of substance abuse, disheveled and beaten.

Anderson retreated to a beach in Goa, doing nothing in particular. Martin White bought an accordion, went travelling and wrote a comedy show.

The potential for a story as timely as this should be obvious. Yet, to paraphrase Churchill, White would have been better using the accordion he brought along for support, rather than comedy illumination. Spinning a predictable and tame yarn in the style of Dan Brown’s equally cack ‘Da Vinci Cod’, White uncovers a global conspiracy with the wheeze of an accordion running through it. This is poorly rehearsed and only results in polite embarrassed laughter.

White, proving that you can take the Boy out of the City, but you can’t take the City out of the Boy, also relies on the now common place Power Point presentation. He even has the obligatory late-nineties goatee. EdFestMag, on this occasion, advices to Hold. Onto your cash.  


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