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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Rob Rouse: My Family … and the Dog that Scared Jesus Review

Rob Rouse: My Family … and the Dog that Scared Jesus

Brendon Burns, a man this reviewer would not like to get on the wrong side of, recently commented on criticism aimed at comedians. In a surprisingly subtle point from a man about as subtle as World War II, Burns noted that being relevant in humour should not be criticised. For example, reviewers should avoid berating comics like Rob Rouse for sticking to ‘ye olde’ subjects of Dog, Family and Baby names.

Certainly Rouse’s relevance makes it easier for him to connect with the audience, and present himself as a likeable northern bloke. It also helps him to set up one of the most hilarious joke based around a dog you will probably ever hear. It’s a joke infused with Jesus Christ, Christmas, Wallace and Gromit and a pious mother-in-law. It’s executed brilliantly and left the audience in a giggling slobbering heap.  

Rouse is a mix of friendly observation and sheer silliness. And very good dog based jokes.  

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