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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Jason Cook: Dear Review

Jason Cook: Dear

You wouldn’t expect it from an ex-sailor, ex-alcoholic, Geordie, but Jason Cook is actually a bit of a charmer. That’s not to say this isn’t good ol’ fashioned stand up comedy with all the usual ingredients. Rather, Jason Cook proved a master of inclusion – and not only in the sense of laughing at badly dressed members of the audience.

Clearly a natural comedian, who almost certainly wouldn’t include performing as a fear. Instead Cook’s fears are fairly common. It’s how he tries deal with them that makes this show so funny. A fear of dentists forced him to pull his own tooth out – with a pair of pliers after six cans of Stella. This horror – and his imprisonment for piracy off the coast of Libya – caused him post-traumatic stress. Or ‘drinking’ as it’s called in Newcastle.

A fear of heights, which forces part of Cook’s mind to tell him he can fly, resulted in him jumping off of Sky Tower in New Zealand – a 328 meter structure. This did nothing to cure his phobia and instead made him wee himself and possibly have a heart attack.

An unpretentious and consistently funny stand up from Cook, who has a battery hilarious anecdotes for the audience.

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