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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Patrick Monahan’s Stories and Fables for Kids that like to sit at Tables Review

Patrick Monahan’s Stories and Fables for Kids that like to sit at Tables

It’s surely a sign of an accomplished comedian when they can have both adults and children in stitches at the same time. Monahan, through a mixture of wit, slap stick, and surrealism manages this feat.

Playing the 467 year old bard, Monahan takes us through the story of Ali the Quiz Master. Ali travels the globe challenging anyone to get one of his questions right. For example, ‘Barry has 6 apples in his right hand, and six oranges in his left. Why does Barry have such thick hands?’ or ‘How long does it take to boil and Ostrich egg in cold water?’

Through these cunning questions Ali gains a diamond for each wrong answer, and duly gets very rich. Being a fable, Ali’s greed for diamonds obviously leads him into trouble (although any moral at the end of the story seemed to be absent).

Monahan displays and impressive ability to manage heckles from an overactive sugar fuelled audience, most of which are under 10, and he connects well with children.

A genuinely funny show for adults as well as children, which demonstrates Monahan’s wide ranging comic ability.

* * *

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