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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Nun the Wiser Review

Nun the Wiser

Triona Adams, despite a high flying job in London and the cash, parties and glitz that went with it, decided to become a Nun. This is the dream of every little Catholic girl. What is in the dreams of every Catholic boy then? Probably something to do with nuns as well…

The script is well written and thoughtful, and from the descriptions of spam fritters to looking out of her window is often quite eloquent. In a Fringe of gangster rap crossed with evolution, the performance also takes a refreshingly calm look at a spiritual matter and avoids taking an overly cynical line.

Yet as the metaphorical donkey of the script negotiates the cliffs of sheer comedy on one side, and the ravine of the deeply personal and emotional on the other, our pilgrim ends up arriving at a church firmly rooted to the preaching of light, simple entertainment. While this is an inoffensive, personable church – not unlike the CofE – it lacks some of the verve and gusto which could attract crowds on biblical proportions.

Nun the less [fired. Ed.], while not exactly feeding the 5000 with entertainment Adams gives a balanced, dignified and thoughtful account of reverting to a convent.

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