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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Craig Hill: 40 Love? Review

Craig Hill: 40 Love?

It’s difficult to figure out when exactly Craig Hill has begun his set. Assuming there is a set to follow, that is. He is a master of that conversational banter with the audience that most comedians use merely as ice breakers.

Hill obviously relishes the spontaneity of stand up, and the excitement and edgy quality that goes with it. This does, however, leave large parts of the audience vulnerable to Craig Hill’s mockery, although it’s mostly a fairly harmless, friendly humour. Woe to the crowd that come into a Craig Hill show late, however.

Hill is, of course, ‘a poof’ as we are frequently informed, and his over active tongue suggests. His humour is closely connected to this fact, making him as much a character act as a comedian.

A man clearly at home prancing about on stage in designer kilts and making people laugh.

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