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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Dude Where’s my Teddy Bear? Review

Dude Where’s my Teddy Bear?

Max has lost his Teddy Bear. Silly Max. He’s looked here and he’s looked there, but can’t seem to find it anywhere. Oh Dear. Max has also woken up in his clothes and can’t even remember what he was doing the night before. Naughty Max.

Max decides to go to the beach with his grandma in search of teddy. He still can’t find it. Help is at hand, however, in the rotund shape of the surfer Dude. Grandma waits while the Dude and Max disappear off in search of Teddy.

Not finding anything on the beach, and seeing a rocket nearby, Max and the Dude hitch a lift to the moon with a robot into rock and roll, where they subsequently stumble across a giant purple moon gerbil. Max has forgotten to take his medication again. Silly Max.

Good interactive kids’ theatre with songs, dances and a reasonably plausible plot.

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