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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Two Left Hands: Another Mouthful Review

Two Left Hands: Another Mouthful

According to some ‘scienticians’, left handed people are slightly more evolved versions of their right handed brethren. This fact can be backed up by the fact that a massively disproportionate number of them have won Wimbledon. Probably.

So can these quick reactions be seen anywhere in the stand up of Charlotte Hudson and Leila Hackett? Unfortunately not. Most of the material is fairly pedestrian in content, including weddings, dating, and Cherie Blair. This isn’t to say that there isn’t some intelligent thought and acute observation behind this. Miss Fondant Fancy and Miss Cherry Bakewell, two ‘post-modern’ takes on the reaction to the contemporary ‘ladette’ culture, are well conceived, as is the take on a modern library which becomes more of a ‘multi platform life long learning’ where speaking is encouraged over reading. Although funny in theory, these ideas are poorly executed through some over embellished acting and strict adherence to a script.

Most of the humour here fails to stir the crowd into anything more than a chesty tickle of a laugh.


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