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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Patrick Monahan - Stories and Tales for Kids, Who Can Run Faster Than Snails Review

Patrick Monahan - Stories and Tales for Kids, Who Can Run Faster Than Snails

How does Patrick Monahan do it? As with last year, he has taken on the burden of two shows each day, one for children and one for older children. 
Far from reducing the man to tears of exhaustion, this has some impressive results for his act. It is a rare sight, for example, to see a comedian so successfully encourage the audience to join in with him. Harder still to do this with kids, while miraculously keeping their parents laughing at the same time. Effortlessly weaving in suggestions and random outbursts from the crowd, Monahan evidently revels in the excitement, surreal humour and silliness of a younger audience. 

As ever, his home made props are pathetic and flimsy, his pantomime clothing ridiculous, and his script derails on more than one occasion. Yet the fact he can still hold a crowd while lacking these familiar crutches speaks volumes for his natural talent.

Monahan shuns the familiar path of children’s shows – the rigid scripts, excessive props and faintly condescending tones – and may have stumbled on a job that doesn’t really exist yet: stand-up comedy for the under-10s

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