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Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Improverts Review

The Improverts Review

A deafening, messianic opening heralds the arrival of The Improverts to this years Fringe, who bound onto stage with matchless energy and enthusiasm. Scenes are improvised, and the players’ zeal for performance spills over into the audience, who are encouraged to participate.

Thankfully, this improvisational force is held together at the seams by structuring it around various on stage games. These range in entertainment value from songs to crime solving and story telling with an alternating narrator. Each of the five performers invites the audience to choose a subject and duly proceed to improvise scenes. One game involved the players solving a world crisis of ‘no more tea’ with only a piece of broccoli and some fairy liquid for help.
This anarchic style of show is not to everybody’s taste, however, and is pulled off with varying degrees of success by each performer. The Improverts frequently stray into the realms of a surrealism that doesn’t always lend itself to good humour. The comedy is edgy and fresh, but don’t expect too much wit.

Yet the energy and daring of the show should be applauded for its innovative style and dynamic quality. As the shows are all improvised you are also encouraged to come back if you liked it or not – each show being different. The premise of stripping comedy ‘down to the bare bones’ provides a refreshing jolt of adrenaline amongst some very tired stand-up routines.

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