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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Creation Nation Review

Creation Nation

We continue, like moths to the flame, to be drawn to celebrity names in lights. This is maintained by giant reality TV factories, producing pre-packaged glitterati and whisking them onto the covers glossy magazines like ‘Hullo’ or ‘Alright?’ Creation Nation also fuels this odd obsession through an on stage comedy talk-show. The two hosts positively gorge from the world of showbiz, rolling around in the gossipy world of celebrities like pigs frolicking in their own excrement. Neither is a particularly pleasant sight.

Aside from the chat-show (Joan Rivers making an appearance) we are also given clips of Billy and Robin wandering around New York asking random and irrelevant inhabitants of New York irrelevant and random questions. This strikes of a lack of solid and interesting material; like bone-idle supply teachers making you watch tedious films during class time, rather than actually doing their job. A roving comedian and camera also feels slightly jaded and ‘so last year’, being tried and tested to death. It is a pity the chat show element was not honed more and developed beyond ranting about Oprah Winfrey or Johnny Depp. This is surely due to a lack of any real celebrity gossip or clear direction to the show. This begs the question - could they not just make up celebrities instead of relying on the often mundane ‘real’ ones?

A show that left much of the audience slightly bemused, Creation Nation is not the sort of thing we will be seeing on the red carpet anytime soon. Somebody has to tell these people that being from New York, having limited wit and being homosexual/Jewish does equal good stand-up.

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