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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Alun Cochrane Review

Alun Cochrane Review

Comedians have, of late, attached many bells, whistles and flashing lights to what is essentially a simple art of making people laugh. Throw as much musical talent, money, sound systems and industrial lighting as you like at an act and it can still fail miserably. Alun Cochrane seems to understand this perfectly, and in a small unassuming backroom of the Assembly rooms he demonstrated what so much stand-comedy has forgotten it is all about: Making People Laugh.
Cochrane’s unpretentious and ‘old school style’ meanders through subjects tried and tested by many other comedians. He has an unpretentious manner and the total lack of props presents a pleasant simplicity. Occasionally ‘working man’s club’ sprang to mind, yet this is soon dispelled by some insights into a brilliantly warped mind. I have never witnessed anyone talk about ‘TK MAX’ for so long and make it so funny, or heard a grown man spin a joke from discussing moisturising his elbows. Thankfully Cochrane also avoids tired ranting about American foreign policy or cheap asides at members of the audience, and his succinct delivery gives the performance an edge and quality that means he could talk about almost anything – relevant or not – and make you laugh.

This is comedy without the excess baggage; unpretentious in style and with a honed delivery. Alun Cochrane had your dour faced Scot of a reviewer in tears of laughter, and rekindled his face in stand-comedy.


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